Electrical CO2 Release Control System E-CO2


The E-CO2 release system is designed for control of fixed tl_files/safetec/products/E-CO2/CP-30_Inbetriebnahme xn.jpggas fire-extinguishing systems as defined in the FSS-Code Chapter 5 by the Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Typical applications are control of fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems for engine rooms and cargo holds. Its main features are:

  • high availability by permanent self-supervision of the control system
  • easy and intuitive operation due to clear arranged layout of the release panel
  • status information at the release panel by LEDs and a large clear text display
  • max. 32 sections with max. 8 cylinder groups can be controlled
  • max. 6 sections can be controlled from one release panel
  • automatic generation of pre alarm signal
  • flexible configuration of the release modus (one or more shots per section, number of cylinder groups)
  • several release panels can be connected to one release system
  • effective protection against false release integrated
  • easy installation
  • no pilot cylinders and pilot pipes required
  • manual override function for the section valves and the cylinder group valves
  • interconnection between the release panel(s) and the module cabinet by means of a 4-wire CAN-bus
  • approvals: GL, LR
Electrical CO2 Release Control System E-CO2

CO2 Release Panel CP-30

CO2 Release Panel CP-30
CO2 Release Panel CP-30

Typ: CP-30
Art.No.: CP30.001

The CO2 release panel CP-30 for electrical control of extinguishing systems is housed in a very compact enclosure. The operation and indication elements are protected by a lockable front door with window. Further functions:

  • Max. 6 sections can be controled from one release panel.
  • Pressing button “1" activates the CO2 alarm in the protected section if needed, starts the release time delay and opens the CO2 section valve.
  • 6 optional voltage free contacts can be used for alarms and shut down functions.
  • After time delay has elapsed and pressing button "2", the adjacent CO2 cylinder groups will be released.
  • Depending from the configuration, additional cylinder groups can be released for this section by pressing button „2“ again.
  • The LCD display indicates the actual release state.
  • For electrical connection a 4-wire bus cable has to be connected.

Safety Module SAFE-01

Safety Module SAFE-01
Safety Module SAFE-01

Typ: SAFE-01
Art.No.: BG07.400

The Safety Module BG07.400 is designed for application in electrical gas fire-extinguishing control systems. It traps software and hardware faults, which could potentially lead to false release of the extinguishing system. After detection of a fault state the safety module switches to the „Safety Shut Down“-mode und thus prevents a false release.
The safety module remains in „Safety Shut Down“-mode until the “RESET” button on the safety module is being pressed. The main safety functions are realized “hard wired”. The module includes the following buttons and control lamps:

  • green LED: READY
  • button “TEST”: releases “SAFETY SHUT DOWN” for test purposes
  • button “RESET”: resets the module to standby state

Module Cabinet MC-308

Modul Cabinet MC-308
Module Cabinet MC-308

Typ: MC-308
Art.No.: MC20.202

The module cabinet contains the safety module, several I/O-modules, a power supply module and a lead battery with battery charger (optional). More complex systems will require a larger housing.

Section Valve Motor Actuator

Section Valve Motor Actuator
Section Valve Motor Actuator

Typ: VBxxx-MAR
Art.No.: E10.60x

The section valve motor actuators Valbia VB030-MAR ... VB350-MAR is a series of valve actuators for different sizes of valves. They are specially prepared to fulfill the requirements of classification societies for marine application.


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