Electropneumatical CO2 Release System EP-CO2


The  electro-pneumatical CO2 release system EP-CO2 offers
versatile advantages compared with a tl_files/safetec/products/EP-CO2/CIMG2763.JPGconventional CO2 release system:

  • Secure operation due to system self supervision
  • Every section is controlled by one release panel
  • Simple and intuitiv operation with indication of the system state
  • Integrated button for ESD (Emergency Shut Down)
  • Lamp “AREA SAFE” indicates readyness for release
  • Simple manual emergency release is possible
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Simple installation
  • Reduced cabling requirement
  • No pilot pipes for remote release stations
  • Simple and cable saving interface to ship’s automation system


Electrical CO2 Release Control System E-CO2

CO2 Release Panel CP-240

CO2 Release Panel CP-240
CO2 Release Panel CP-240

Typ: CP-240
Art.No.: ACS01.240

This CO2 release panel ACS01.240 for electric-pneumatical control of extinguishing systems is housed in a compact enclosure with window in the front door. Following functions are included:

  • Opening of the door releases pre-alarm and starts an adjustable time delay. The red LED "PRE-ALARM" is on.
  • Pressing the button "ESD" (Emergency Shut Down) switches off the fans and closes automatic doors. The red LED in the button is on. The green LED "AREA SAFE" is on, when all WT-doors are closed.
  • Pressing the button "CO2 VALVE" activates the solenoids for release of the pilot cylinder and for control of the CO2-main valve. The red LED in the button is on, when the CO2 valve is open.
  • After pressing the button "CO2 CYLINDERS", the yellow LED "DELAY" and the red LED in the button are flashing until the end of time delay. After time delay the solenoids for release of the adjacent CO2-cylinder groups are activated. The red LED in the button is on.
  • The red LED "CO2 RELEASED" flashes steadily after successfull release of the extinguishing system (e.g. indicated by a pressure switch in CO2 pipe).
  • For electrical connection a 4-wire bus cable is required.



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