Further development of the ACS-1 control system

Not only ships are getting bigger and more complex, the demands on safety are also growing steadily. The ACS-1 control system, which has been established successfully since years, will be completely revised with a flexible scalable successor. Modern control technology overcomes the limitations of the current system. The new ACS-2 control system, which includes our experience of the last 25 years, will set new standards in terms of flexibility, ergonomics and economy.


Special features of the new ACS-2 system:

  • extensive scalability from small to large and complex projects,
  • reduced wiring complexity by a simple and enhanced safety concept for the internal communication bus,
  • standardized and simple connection to the ship monitoring and control systems,
  • addressable fire alarm technology and
  • functional safety with regard to IEC-61508.


The ACS-2 project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).